Best Cricut Projects to Sell: Easy Cricut Crafts to Make

 March 18, 2020

By  Jane Melcher

Cricut products are versatile home DIY creative tools, able to cut a wide range of materials, from paper to leather, depending on the machine. These products can be used in a wide range of projects, fulfilling your creative impulses and scratching that DIY itch. Free Cricut software (Design Studio) allows for easy designing and personalization of prints and images. These projects can also be sold for some good money. Here are a few of the best Cricut projects to sell.

Decorative Frames

Frames are simple and easy to customize. You can get quite creative in your design and give them your personal touch. This particular project is also relatively easy on materials. All you need is a regular frame with a size of your choosing, a faux tin panel, and a thin sheet of plywood, which will be used to cut your design. The investment is relatively small, but the return can be quite significant.

Custom Mugs

Mugs are also easy to customize and decorate, and also quite high on the scale of affordability. All you need is a blank coffee mug to use as a base, some vinyl, and some transfer tape. Most Cricut products can cut vinyl, and the design can be as simple or complex as you want. As long as people continue drinking coffee or other hot beverages, there will always be a need and a market for your mugs.


It should go without saying that t-shirts are another commodity that will never go without a market. They are also pretty simple to customize and, like most projects listed here, are relatively affordable with regards to materials. However, they are admittedly a bit more of an expensive investment, compared to other projects. Still, all you need for this is any t-shirt you wish to customize, some heat-transfer vinyl and parchment paper, and a heat source. A heat press would be ideal, but an ordinary clothing iron will work great too.

Pillow Covers

This is a project that requires just a little bit more investment of both time, money, and skill to be successful. Like most other Cricut-based projects, however, the concept is simple, and you can be as elaborate and creative in your design as you wish. You are going to need a blank pillowcase, some glue, a fabric of your choice, and some sewing know-how. Some additional materials may be required for further customization.

Final Thoughts

All of these items share something in common: they can be made relatively quickly, easily, and sold at a reasonable price. The versatile nature and customization of the designs can potentially also open up room for commissions to be taken — the important thing to remember, though, is that it is all the same.

You have your materials, and you have your designs. When they are brought together, you can create something truly wonderful – and yes, profitable – items. These ideas will soon send you on your way along the path from a project to a product, to profit. With Cricut, it has never been easier.

Jane Melcher

Jane is a stay-at-home small business mom. She makes more than her husband selling her creations on Etsy.

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