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Best Guillotine Paper Cutter for Crafts and Card Making

 June 8, 2021

By  Jane Melcher

Paper cutters will significantly reduce the time you spend on paper cutting and give you precise cuts. If you're someone who enjoys paper projects, for example, creating cards, you know that a normal pair of scissors won't give you the control you need, and the best guillotine paper cutter will come in handy.

Guillotine paper cutters give the accuracy and sharpness you need for cutting papers or cards for your project. If you're having a problem where to begin when it comes to buying a guillotine paper cutter, this guide will hopefully answer your questions.

To get started, we have compiled a review of the five best guillotine paper cutters on the market today. Moreover, we have curated several factors you need to consider when buying a guillotine paper cutter for crafts and card making.

5 Best Guillotine Paper Cutters

1. X-ACTO 26315 Heavy Duty Wood Guillotine Trimmer

X-ACTO 26315 Heavy Duty Wood Guillotine Trimmer, 12" x 15"
  • Heavy-duty paper trimmer cuts up to 15 sheets...
  • Solid wood base and rubber feet provide...
  • Oversized rubber grip offers comfort and...
  • Perpetual Edge self-sharpening system keeps...
  • Safety guard and latch.Adjustable Paper Guide

The X-ACTO 26315 Heavy Duty Wood Trimmer is the best Guillotine paper cutter when it comes to quality, performance, and precision. This device is designed for heavy use and can cut up to 15 pages of paper at one time, both accurately and quickly.

The solid wooden base and the rubber feet ensure steady cutting and the hardened steel blade make clean and precise cuts. It features a self-sharpening system that ensures the blade remains sharp after every use. The equipment also has an adjustable guide for easy orientation and adjustments to help you make accurate cuts.

It comes with a textured and oversized rubber grip that provides a comfortable handle and will provide you relief after a long period of cutting. All you need to do is a simple downward trimming motion. It also comes with plenty of safety features, for example, a safety latch to hold the guillotine arm in place and a safety guard to protect your fingers.


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Self-sharpening blade
  • A great rubber grip
  • A handful of safety features.
  • Solid base and non-slip feet
  • Comfortable
  • Accurate
  • Adjustable guide


  • The handle may start to wiggle overtime

2. Swingline Paper Trimmer, Guillotine Paper Cutter

Swingline Paper Trimmer, Guillotine Paper Cutter, 18" Cut Length, 15 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut...
  • 18” CUTTING LENGTH – Features an 18”...
  • CUTS 15 SHEETS – Strong trimmer cuts up to...
  • ACCURATE CUTTING – Designed for accuracy,...
  • SAFETY FEATURES – Steel tension spring...

The Swingline Guillotine Paper Cutter is a heavy-duty paper trimmer that boasts durable construction and top-notch performance. It features a strong and solid maple base, a self-sharpening steel blade, and a die-cast metal arm.

It comes with a cutting length of 18 inches which is enough to accommodate most of your projects. This guillotine-style cutter has the ability to cut up to 15 sheets of paper at the same time. It can cut almost everything from photos to a heavy mat board and delicate paper materials.

The Swingline paper cutter comes with an alignment grid and a dual scale ruler to ensure accurate cutting. It also comes with a wide range of safety features, for example, a tension spring to securely hold the cutter's blade arm in place, a blade latch hook to secure the arm when it is not in use, and a protective guard rail to ensure your fingers are safe.


  • Durable
  • It can easily cut up to 15 sheets at a time
  • Plenty of safety features
  • Features an alignment grid
  • Accurate
  • Solid base with non-slip feet
  • Great cutting length
  • 10 years warranty


  • Getting a straight cut might be challenging to some people

3. Westcott 12'' TrimAir Anti-Microbial Wood Guillotine Paper Cutter

Westcott 12'' TrimAir Anti-Microbial Wood Guillotine Paper Cutter & Paper Trimmer, 30 Sheet (15106)
  • Featuring titanium-bonded cutting technology...
  • High-performance patented titanium-bonded...
  • Soft ergonomic handle and safety guard gives...
  • 30-Sheet Capacity: Paper slicer easily slices...
  • Manufacturer's 15-year warranty

The Westcott 12'' TrimAir Anti-Microbial Wood Guillotine Paper Cutter is another heavy-duty paper cutter that features a convenient cutting length of 15 inches. It also features titanium bonded blades that allow you to get a lot of life out of the cutter.

Unlike the previous paper trimmers above, this one boasts a sheet capacity of 30; however, this is dependent on the weight or size of the paper. This makes it a perfect paper cutter for the office or schools. It is quite easy to use and get a straight line, no matter what you're cutting.

The safety features in this trimmer include a plastic guard that comes in handy to protect your fingers from injury. It also has a great rubber grip handle to ensure comfortability and also for making quick and clean cuts. Although it may seem a bit bulky, it is still compact and easy to store.


  • Gives accurate cuts
  • One can use it daily because it won't easily wear out
  • Amazing safety features
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Great performance
  • Titanium blade
  • 15 years warranty


  • Does not cut square

4. HFS Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter

HFS (R) Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter -12'' (12'' Paper Cutter)
  • Cuts up to 50 sheets at a time...
  • Will Cut a 48 page heavy stock magazine at...

Another one of the best paper cutters is the HFS (R) Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter. It is known to deliver consistency and precision when cutting large sheets of paper. A unique feature is that this heavy-duty trimmer can cut up to 400 sheets at once.

It features a durable clamp that ensures an even amount of pressure is applied to the stack of papers delivering even and clean results. It also features a movable fence that allows you to set your desired cut length and also makes it easy to cut the next stack with the same size.

This paper cutter features rubber feet and solid steel construction to ensure stability while cutting. It also has a scratch-resistant coating to ensure it lasts for a good number of years. Its handle is removable for compact storage and has a number of safety features, including a removable guard cover and a safety pin mechanism to ensure the arm is elevated when not in use.


  • Solid steel construction
  • Moveable fence
  • Grid and rulers printed on the cutter base
  • Hardened steel cutting blade
  • Safety pin mechanism
  • Removable guard and blade holder
  • Removable handle for easy storage


  • The grid may be a bit off

5. Tonic Studios 808 8½-Inch Guillotine Paper Trimmer

Tonic Studios 808 8-1/2-Inch Guillotine Paper Trimmer
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Perfect for use with vellum paper all the way...
  • Works well to trim photographs
  • Features a measuring grid in inches, a carry...

While a majority of guillotine paper cutters range between 12 inches to 18 inches, this one features an 8½ inch cutting blade and a small cutting surface. Despite this, the Tonic Studios 808 8-1/2-Inch Guillotine Paper Trimmers quite effective in giving neat little trimmer cuts.

The cutting base feature embossed grid lines which come in handy when cutting. If you are constantly moving and need to carry a trimmer, with is the best guillotine cutter in terms of portability as it features a lightweight construction weighing only one pound. Storing is also made easy with this compact equipment.

Furthermore, it is incredibly well priced and uses a durable stainless steel blade to ensure you can easily cut through different types of papers. It comes with a guiding base for accuracy and brilliant results.


  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Accurate
  • Durable construction
  • Carrying handle
  • Excellent performance
  • Ideal for cutting small-sized papers
  • Stainless steel sharp blade
  • Measuring grid


  • Lacks a safety lock or guards and may require one to be extra careful.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Guillotine Paper Cutter

1. Types of Paper Cutters

Guillotine is one of the four main types of paper cutters that include rotary, stack, and electric paper cutters. Understanding the differences, uses, and applications of the different types is important.

  • Rotary paper cutter- They have a sliding blade that will help cut through a few sheets of paper at a time.
  • Guillotine- Comes in handy in schools or offices where there is a need to cut large amounts of paper. It features a long arm that is pulled down to slice the papers.
  • Stack Paper Cutter- They tend to have the largest cutting capacities and work very similarly to guillotine.
  • Electric paper cutters- They are the priciest and most advanced option. They feature an automatic motor that powers the paper cutting.

2. Size

Since paper cutters come in a wide range of sizes, you want to choose one that perfectly matches your needs. The options range from a few inches wide to long and larger models that are designed to cut through long sheets of paper.

When deciding the right paper cutter for you, consider how you plan to use it, the sizes and types of materials, and also how much space you have to use and store the paper cutter.

3. Extendable Arm

For guillotine or stack paper cutters, you need to be careful when it comes to the arms design of the model. This is because you need to pull the arms to slice through the paper, and quality arms will make it easier for you. An extendable or adjustable arm will also help you cut into different sizes and shapes.

Some models feature a tension mechanism that will prevent the arm from coming down before you get ready to cut. This is a handy feature because when the arm comes down while you're positioning the paper, the blade may cut on the wrong spot or injure you.

4. Safety

Papers can be quite risky to use because of the sharp blades that may cause serious injuries while using them. You want to choose the best paper cutter that comes with a variety of these features to ensure you're safe and prevent injuries to yourself and others.

There are different features that guillotine models have when it comes to safety, for example, a locking latch for the arm to keep people from touching the blade, a tension spring, or a safety spring that prevents its blade from coming down unless it has been pulled.

The grip handle should also be comfortable and large enough to accommodate your hand. A finger guard will also prevent you from placing your fingers where the cutting blade will make pas through while slicing a stack of paper. The non-slip feet will also ensure the cutter doesn't slide down.

5. Blade

Another crucial feature you should look at is the blade. It would help if you found a paper cutter with a sharp guillotine blade that can be able to cut at least ten sheets of paper with ease. Some dull blades in cheaply manufactured cutters may bend or break during the process. For this reason, you want to ensure that the guillotine-style trimmer has good quality blades, and the blades can cut a decent number of sheets of paper with ease.

6. Durability

The durability of the paper cutter should be among your prime considerations. You want to ensure the cutter is stable enough and does not move around when adjusting the angles or taking the measurements. Paper cutters come in different materials, including wood, metal, and plastic, where wood and metal are considered better quality materials.

7. Price

Different paper cutters come at different prices. You want to find a cheap or affordable option without compromising the quality or the performance. Luckily, there are paper cutters for every budget. Find one within your budget but also ensure that it offers good value for money as well as good quality and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Guillotine Paper Cutters

1. How do you easily sharpen a paper cutter blade?

Sharpening a guillotine blade can be a challenging process for many people. An easy trick to ensure that your blades remain sharp after use is to cut several sheets of aluminum foil. Get a sizeable aluminum foil, put it on the guillotine equipment and slice it like ten times into tiny pieces to achieve a sharp blade. However, it is good to note that this simple trick won't work if the blades have extremely become worn out.

2. How do you cut straight with a paper cutter?

To achieve straight cuts with your paper cutter, you need to use the gridlines on the cutting surface of most models to line up the paper. Using the ledge at the top or bottom of the paper cutter to line your paper is essential. This is because it prevents the paper from sliding out of place while cutting it. Once the paper is well lined, you can either pull the arm down or slide the trimmer blade to cut, depending on the type of paper cutter you're using.

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