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Best Heat Transfer Vinyl for Shirts to Customize T-Shirts

 August 13, 2021

By  Jane Melcher

It's a dream come true for a T-shirt entrepreneur to create designs that leave an unforgettable impression, whether customizing the shirts according to your customers' requirements or want to amp up the boring shirts into beautiful artwork. However, you won't achieve this without the best heat transfer vinyl for shirts that offers you an edge in the design process.

Although getting the suitable heat transfer vinyl for shirts doesn't implicate any science, it'll take you some work. Fortunately, this article got you covered, but before we can go into details, let's understand what heat transfer vinyl for shirts is.

What is a Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet?

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is a unique vinyl sheet that helps you transfer your designs to different fabrics or materials. You can get the heat transfer vinyl in either a sheet or roll form. Moreover, it comes with an adhesive backing for easy cutting and placing on your t-shirts or other garments for heat application.

With the right heat transfer vinyl sheets, you can print the favorite scene on your laptop to your garment or any other object. Also, with the HTV sheet, you'll have high prints on your customers' t-shirts that don't lose their transfer after a couple of washes.

Now that we understand what heat transfer vinyl sheets are, let's look at the four best-rated heat transfer vinyl reviews.

1. Siser EasyWeed HTV (White) Roll - Iron-On Heat Transfer Vinyl

Siser EasyWeed HTV 11.8' x 3ft Roll - Iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl (White)
8,749 Reviews
Siser EasyWeed HTV 11.8" x 3ft Roll - Iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl (White)
  • Actual product measures 11.8" x 3ft — 90...
  • Decorate T-shirts, pants, hoodies, bags,...
  • Pressure sensitive (sticky) backing makes...
  • Layerable with other EasyWeed products! Mix...
  • Works with virtually any craft cutter,...

If you're searching for the best heat transfer vinyl for shirts, but you're on a tight budget, we recommend you the Siser EasyWeed HTV Rool-Iron on Heat Transfer. These iron-on vinyl sheets are easy to start with beginners with only basic knowledge. You can make detailed designs with these HTV sheets on any fabric. Moreover, you can decorate pants, T-shirts, hoodies, shoes, pillows, bags, and so much with a home iron or heat press machine, plus it applies at a lower temperature of 305 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 secs with medium pressure.

The outcome from this Siser EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl is strong against multiple washes. The robust adhesive will survive even several machine washes without peeling off or fading the design. Conversely, this vinyl sheet is CPSIA certified, meaning they're free from chemical and toxic elements that can harm you and the environment. So, you can give your children the HTV sheets to explore their creativity or even use them to may be print on their belongings.

These EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl sheets feature pressure-sensitive backing, which makes lining up complex designs easy. The sheet measures 11.8 inches by 3 feet and comes in different single-color ranges, which you can easily use on any time kind of textile. Also, these sheets have 100 percent adhesive towards cotton mix, cotton, leather, polyester, etc. Moreover, the EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl works with nearly any craft cutter, including Cricut Maker, Roland, Brother ScanNCut, Silhouette Cameo 3, Graphtec, Circut Explore Air 2, and more.


  • Great cheap heat transfer vinyl
  • It's CPSIA approved; don't worry about toxicity
  • Super easy to cut thin sheet
  • Laser-friendly


  • Poor quality

2. PrimeCuts 12" x 12"Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl Sheets.

Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl Sheets by PrimeCuts USA - 65 Vinyl Sheets 12' x 12' - 65 Assorted...
2,616 Reviews
Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl Sheets by PrimeCuts USA - 65 Vinyl Sheets 12" x 12" - 65 Assorted...
  • MULTIPLE & VERSATILE USES: What good are...
  • FLAT & READY TO USE: Our product comes flat...
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE– PrimeCuts is a...

If you're looking for the best heat transfer vinyl for shirts that promises permanent, you can count on the Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl Sheets by PrimeCuts. This vinyl bundle comes with 65 sheets that contain 32 different mixtures of beautiful colors. The permanent self-adhesive vinyl sheets can cut, weed and peel designs to the best details. Moreover, the adhesive comes with these sheets to help you replicate the designs and create the most desired sheets.

The adhesive vinyl sheets are designed to meet indoors and outdoors uses, meaning it can last you nearly four years for outdoor use and five years for indoor use. The vinyl sheet cuts well and holds itself perfectly. Also, with this sheet, you can weed small letters easily because they're sticky and secure perfectly. Moreover, this sheet works well with Cricut and usually ensures that the grid lines are always straight, plus the thirty-two mixture of appealing colors comes packed in a ziplock bag.


  • Comes with a variety of beautiful colors to chose from
  • Designed to meet indoors and outdoors purposes meaning it can last you nearly five years
  • You can weed small letters if you want
  • You can easily replicate designs and create desirable sheets


  • Weeding and cutting are not easy.

3. HTVRONT Glitter 12"x10" Heat Transfer Vinyl- Iron On Vinyl for T-Shirt (Teflon Sheet Included)

HTVRONT Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV - 13 Pack 12'x10' Iron On Vinyl for T-Shirt (Teflon Sheet...
1,946 Reviews
HTVRONT Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV - 13 Pack 12"x10" Iron On Vinyl for T-Shirt (Teflon Sheet...
  • 【SATISFACTIED SERVICE】We truly believe...

The Heat Transfer Iron-on Vinyl from HTVRONT Glitter works for all machines besides Cricuts. It's easy to cut and weed and transfers reliably onto diverse materials. Also, it's easy to use; it weeds easily and cuts cleanly, without sticking or tearing to the backing. Moreover, it comes with clear instructions on how to transfer the vinyl to the fabric as well as how to care for your shirts after application.

This HTV bundle provides vibrant sparkle, suitable for various fabrics like polyester, cotton, cotton/poly blends, rayon, and viscose. Also, you can personalize your custom T-shirts, caps, pillows, aprons, tote bags. It comes with different colors and patterns option s to choose from. You can as well find colors and patterns with some of your favorite characters from Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, and Sanrio.

Furthermore, this Vinyl Bundle is designed to provide flexibility without compromising the strength and durability of the vinyl. It guarantees you to last more than fifty washes. Also, it's SGS certified environmental-friendly and ideal for decorating children's clothing and other accessories. However, it's thicker, so it needs deeper cut settings and takes time to transfer.


  • Comes with clear instructions on how to transfer the vinyl to the fabric so you're can high-quality results
  • Comes in various colors and patterns
  • It's SGS certified eco-friendly; don't worry about toxicity
  • Super durable and last you 50 plus washes


  • It May take a long transfer time

4. Fame Crafts Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

Fame Crafts Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle 12"x10"- 20 Pack of Assorted Color DIY T-Shirt Vinyl Transfer...
  • Personalizing apparel such as T-shirts,...
  • Easy to Weed is a durable polyurethane which...
  • Our transfer vinyl is thin, lightweight and...
  • Every heat transfer (HTV) bundle by Fame...
  • 20 Colors Each one of these PU vinyl sheets...

Do you want to customize your shirts, hoodies, hats, sweatshirts? Well, this has been made easier with Fame Crafts Heat transfer. This vinyl for T-shirts comes in 20 assorted colors, which you can personalize any apparel shirt or wears to replicate the personality you are looking for. Moreover, the sheet is thin and sensitive to heat and pressure to make cutting and weeding easier, plus its light and durable to endure 1000 washes and drying.

The color diversity and combination of the vinyl include purple, red, pure gold, white, neon yellow, blue, sky blue, light pink, black, deep orange, orange, green, light green, ocean blue. With all these colors, you can successfully create any designs that you wish. In addition, you can use this durable polyurethane to design custom t-shirts, as you can wash them multiple times without compromising their integrity.


  • Great for customizing shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and hoodies
  • Comes in 20 assorted colors, so you have options to choose from
  • Features durable and high-quality polyurethane
  • It's light and durable to endure 1000 washes and drying.


  • Not ideal for small letters

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets for Shirts

1. Quality of vinyl

When looking for the best HTV vinyl, you will realize that they come in different qualities. Therefore, focus on high-quality types of vinyl; otherwise, you'll get frustrated with your shirt transfers. In addition, quality materials are usually durable and don't easily peel off, crack or fade no matter how you wash them. It's also good to trust users' reviews; for instance, when you find them blasting a certain product for melting, bubbling, or peeling off, then there's a possibility that the vinyl might disappoint you too.

Furthermore, if you plan to buy heat transfer vinyl, ensure it's thin. The thinner it is, the easier it will be to cut by vinyl cutter machine or hand, and the easier it will be to transfer shirts or any garment of choice.

2. Compatibility

When looking for the best heat transfer vinyl for shirts, ensure you pay attention to compatibility. Look for the right type of vinyl to match the surface you intend to adhere to. So check the label on your shirt-is it polyester or nylon? All in all, ensure that the vinyl matches what you will use it for.

3. The quantity of vinyl

As you shop for the best heat transfer vinyl for shirts, ensure you know the quantity of vinyl you want to buy; either single HTV sheets, bulk HTV vinyl rolls, or an assortment of packs. If you're getting started, we recommend you to buy single sheets or a starter pack.

4. Easy to weed and transfer

You want something easy to weed and transfer when looking for the best vinyl for T-shirts. Although the heat transfer process requires is quick and painless, buying the wrong type of vinyl could give you a rough time transferring your design to different apparel, complicating the whole printing process. Besides, for you to have a smooth time, we recommend you to look for easy-to-transfer HTV.

5. Heat application

Before buying the HTV sheets, ask yourself how you'll be applying the heat. If you're using a household iron, you should stick to the popular iron-on heat transfers like Siser and Cricut vinyl. Conversely, if you're applying heat with a heat press machine, you have a wider range of heat transfer vinyl brands to choose from.

6. Color and the types available 

Color diversity matters too, no point in preferring a vinyl brand with limited colors or prints. Besides, when you are vinyl printing business, you will have many ideas that may overwhelm you. So look for brands that provide a wide range of specialty types of solid colors. Also, look for those that sell things like flocked HTV, glitter heat transfer vinyl rolls, metallic colors, and more.

Furthermore, you can look for vinyl packs that have a different variety of colors. Ensure the colors of the set you choose look trendy and practical to meet virtually all your unique project targets. Also, ensure the colors of the set you pick look trendy and practical to meet all your unique project needs.

Two Simple Steps on Using Heat Transfer Vinyl

Step 1: Organize the artwork.

You can download pre-made graphics or create your own if you're an advanced user. Most vinyl cutters usually feature software that you can use to quickly and easily set up your image so that it's ready to print and cut.

Step 2: Print and cut 

Once you are satisfied with the design you have created or chosen and ensure you have placed it to the right size, it'll be time to get it printed and then cut. Before you can send it to the cutter, endure to mirror-image your design. You'll need to follow your heat press machine instructions to determine how you need to mirror-image the graphic. Also, ensure to read up on what cutting settings the vinyl brand recommends for HTV vinyl. Next, load the HTV into the heat-press, making sure the backing faces up. Then let the heat press to the printing and cutting.

Frequently Asked Question on the Best Heat Transfer Vinyl for Shirts

1. What is the difference between Everyday Iron-On and Cricut Iron-On Lite?

The Everyday Iron-On is new and enhanced to be more durable and features way more colors, while Circuit Iron-On Lite is the older version of Cricut HTV. However, they're very similar, and you can successfully use them either for shirts, jackets, bags, etc. Besides, the everyday Iron-On has longer rolls and so costs a little more per roll.

2. Do you really require transfer tape with iron-ons?

Standard HTV doesn't require transfer tape for application. It usually comes stuck on a plastic pressure-sensitive carrier sheet, and you flip it over and iron it onto your shirts. Nonetheless, printable heat transfer paper does need a heat transfer mask to help transfer. Since this paper needs to be printed on, it does not come on a plastic carrier sheet. So you usually apply the heat transfer mask to act as a carrier sheet when you transfer it onto your fabric.

3. How long should I expect the vinyl to last on shirts?

With great care hand-wash, a vinyl on shirts can last up to 50 washes. However, even the vinyl is machine wash-friendly, it will not survive more than 40 washes, depending on the quality.

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