How To Clean A Cricut Mat At Home And Get Amazing Results

 March 17, 2021

By  Jane Melcher

A Cricut mat may look like it has lost its purpose once its surface becomes inaccurate and, therefore, unable to deliver precise cuts. Anyone who has used a Cricut mat knows too well that it needs to be cleaned when the materials cease to stick well as they used to or worse still if the surface has become dirty and soft particles get stuck when it's at work. Different from what many may tend to believe, cleaning the mat will not require one to use specialized materials since they are readily available in many homes.

How To Clean Your Cricut Mat

There are different ways to clean your Cricut mat, as this article will seek to explain. It is important to note that this article will only lay emphasis on the most effective and stress-free ways for one to clean a Cricut mat.

1. Light Cleaning A Cricut Mat

By using light cleaning to clean your mat, the first step that you have to do is whip out the plastic scraper which accompanies the Cricut machine when it is purchased. It cleans the Cricut cutting mat by dislodging all small debris by running it along the surface so in a soft manner so as not to destroy the edges. This step should be repeated severally before proceeding to the next step.

2. Using A Lint Roller And Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are regarded as the best when it comes to cleaning a Cricut mat since they are damp and soft enough and will not damage the Cricut mats. However, it is advisable to be careful enough not to use baby wipes that are alcohol-based since they will tamper with the mat's stickiness.

You should run the wipes through the surface slowly, and while at it, make sure that everything is aligned in a straight line. When you repeat this process several times, you will notice that your cutting mat looks restored and perfectly ready for all cutting endeavours.

Lint rollers are used in the cleaning exercise to fulfill two missions; take away all the stubborn water that won't be scraped away by baby wipes and the plastic scrappers, as well as transferring some of their stickiness to the mat. In many instances, a combination of the two is enough to remove all the dirt build-up on the Cricut mats.

3. Using Soap And Water

Every now and then, it is not out of place to give the Cricut cutting mats some well-deserved bath with a basin full of soap and warm water. The cutting mats should be let to soak into the basin for around 5-10 minutes before they are taken out. In the rare event the dirt does not come out, a soft brush should be used, and after the scrubbing, the cleaner should let the mat rinse thoroughly in warm water.

It is also advisable to use a magic eraser, a sponge, or an adhesive remover to clean the debris that can't go away. The only important thing to do is to make sure that all the cleaning product's instructions are well-read so as to make sure that one does not end up destroying the edges of the mat.

4. Using Air Drying To Clean A Mat

Once the cleaner is satisfied that the cutting mat looks clean and good, the next step involves air drying. Before it is used again, it is advisable to let the mat air dry completely. Using a paper towel at this point is not advisable since some bits will stick on the surface.

How To Restore Stickiness In Cricut Mats

This is an important step for anyone whose Cricut mat seems to have lost its stickiness either owing to regular use or because of the cleaning process. There are several different methods that are completely functional that can make the mat get reusable again.

The best thing about this part is the fact that it does not need one to look so far for the products to use since they are readily available. During this procedure, one just needs an adhesive spray or a repositionable adhesive to get the job done. The only important thing that one needs to do is to have a thorough understanding that every product has a different set of instructions, and therefore, it is important that they are well-read and understood before use.

The first step involves securing all edges of the Cricut mat using adhesive tape. The edges should not be made sticky since they might end up ruining the cutting machine. The second step involves removing all the remaining adhesive so that when sprayed, the adhesive will be able to cover the mat evenly. This can be easily achieved by applying rubbing alcohol and then going over it using a scraper.

The next step should involve spraying the sticky spray slowly at the surface of the mat. The times one sprays will be determined by the exact product that is being used. At this point, it is important to be extremely thorough when following the product's instructions.

After the above step, it is now important to let the adhesive rest on the mat. After around 20 minutes, it is advisable to remove the tape that is placed on the mat's edges. At this point, the Cricut mat should be as good as new and ready to resume back to work.


This article has sufficiently addressed everyone that was asking how to clean a Cricut mat. It has proved that Cricut mats are not so hard to clean and that to clean your mat, you just need to know what needs to be done and to know how to make use of the readily available cleaning products.

After cleaning, the mat will continue serving the owner by producing amazing designs. The above-explained process is easy to use and needs a relatively short time to be affected, which means that someone can have all his Cricut mats clean all the time.

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