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Cricut Vs Silhouette: An Unbiased Review

 March 3, 2021

By  Jane Melcher

Any passionate crafter is probably aware that there are several DIY crafts that can be made using a die-cutting machine, and while at it, earn some money or fulfill a passion for art. In the current world of design, Cricut and Silhouette are the best cutters and are taking the market by storm. This article will seek to understand the differences between the two and also how users can take full advantage of them and create amazing designs.

Which Is Better Between Silhouette And Cricut?

Just like a normal home printer, die-cutting units can be simply plugged into a PC or Mac. The absolutely amazing thing is the fact that they can make cuts in different and, while at it, produce magnificent results.

Both of them are able to cut similar material like vinyl, paper, cardstock which makes them super amazing tools when it comes to making personalized gifts to friends and family. Both can be used to make caps, paper crafts, organizing labels, party supplies, home decor signs, and many more.

They are both revered when it comes to producing awesome products, although they are different in many aspects. Below are the major differences they have.

1. Software

a) Design Space: Cricut's Software

Design space is free software that allows the designing and cutting of downloaded products even when there is no internet connection. The best thing about it is the fact that it is web-based but can also be used offline and still work excellently.

Inserting different types of photos is pretty easy with this software, and it comes accompanied by different free fonts. However, the avid designer is allowed to buy additional fonts or, better still, subscribe to a monthly fee of 9.99$ by joining Cricut Access. The most amazing thing about joining Cricut Access is the fact that one can use all downloaded files as long as one is a member.

2. Silhouette Studio: Silhouette's Software

This is the ideal software for the designer who is always on the move or with a wobbly internet connection since it is a downloadable program. This software has many graphic design features that allow many people to make photos from scratch, which is a really good thing if one wants to make his own designs.

Another good thing about this software is the fact that it can easily use the downloaded fonts on the computer and memorize the files in the .studio file type. To be in a position to insert .svg files, one needs to have the paid version, which only costs $50.

Their Difference

Any designer who wants a software to just cut and open files will find Design Space totally ideal since it is also easier to use. On the other hand, a designer who is comfortable making his own designs from scratch will find Silhouette Software an ideal choice since it has many additional features. With Silhouette, a designer can use purchased images even when the subscription has expired.

2. Tool Storage And Design

Both Cricut and Silhouette have a huge similarity when it comes to size and weight. They are designed to comfortably fit on a shelf or desk and are the size of a home printer. The Cricut is a bit different since it has onboard storage underneath that is on the top left. On the other hand, the silhouette machine does not have a lot of extra space.

3. Blade Adjustment

Both units use blades to cut materials. While the Cricut comes accompanied by a knob on the top to customize the blades according to the material, the Silhouette does not have, and the user twists the blades to a certain number that is based on the fabric before starting to cut.

The best thing about both units is the fact that they provide deep-cutting blades that can be bought separately. The blades are also fairly long-lasting.

4. Materials

Both the Cricut design space and the silhouette studio are able to comfortably slice different materials that include thin leather, vellum, cardstock, craft foam, window cling as well as heat transfer. However, the Cricut Maker is revered for its massive cutting strength since it can cut more than ten times when compared to Explore unit and also has a new rotary blade as well as a deep knife that can be used to slice many more materials.

5. Ease Of Use Of The Cricut Vs Silhouette

A lot of experienced designers say that the Cricut is easier when matters related to setting up are concerned. It is also loaded with pretty easy software to use. On the other hand, the Silhouette Cameo is harder to set up and takes some time to load the mat. If stuck with the setting up, the owner can contact either company since both of them have great customer support.

6. Price Between The Silhouette Cameo And The Cricut Maker

Typically, Silhouette machines are priced higher when compared to Cricut ones. However, when looking from a general scale, the pricing is similar. A good example is between the Silhouette Cameo 3 and the Cricut Explore Air 2 that have the same price.

The only major difference is between Explore models since they cut designs with higher speeds, with the Cricut Maker being endowed with a lot of cutting options and, therefore, being more expensive.

Silhouette Vs Cricut: Which Is The Best Option?

This question is better answered by the designer's particular needs. If the designer chooses to make custom designs, then the best choice is the Silhouette Cameo 3. It is also the best option for the designer who does not want to be limited when it comes to editing options. Camo 3 is also the best for the avid traveler or designer who lives in a place that has very poor internet reception.

However, the Cricut Maker is the best choice for anyone who wants to cut paper efficiently. It is also the ideal choice for anyone that wants to use denser and heavier materials. This is also the perfect choice for anyone who wants to make predesigned designs instead of ready custom designs.

Jane Melcher

Jane is a stay-at-home small business mom. She makes more than her husband selling her creations on Etsy.

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