How to Cut Holographic Vinyl on the Cricut Maker

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If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your Cricut projects, holographic vinyl is a great way to do it! But how do you cut it properly on your Cricut Maker?

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to cut holographic vinyl on your Cricut Maker, so you can create amazing projects that really stand out.

How to Cut Holographic Vinyl on the Cricut MakerCheckout this video:


Holographic vinyl is all the rage these days – and for good reason! This special vinyl has a rainbow effect that is perfect for any project, from decorating your planner to creating a one-of-a-kind t-shirt. If you’re new to holographic vinyl, or just want to learn how to cut it on your Cricut machine, this tutorial is for you!

What You Need

To cut holographic vinyl on the Cricut Maker, you will need the following supplies:
-a cutting mat
-holographic vinyl
-transfer tape
-a weeding tool

First, you will need to cut your holographic vinyl to size. You can do this using a paper trimmer or a pair of scissors. Once your vinyl is cut to size, adhere it to your cutting mat. Make sure that the sticky side of the vinyl is facing up so that the Cricut can read it.

Next, load your cutting mat into the Cricut Maker and select the ” Vinyl” setting. Then, choose the “Line” icon on the left hand side of the screen and select “Continuous Scan.” This will allow the Cricut to read the entire piece of vinyl at once.

Now, press the “Cut” button and let the Cricut do its work! Once it’s finished, you can remove the excess vinyl from around your design using a weeding tool.

Finally, apply transfer tape to your design and use it to transfer your holographic vinyl onto your desired surface.

How to Cut Holographic Vinyl with the Cricut Maker

Assuming you have already weeded your design, place the vinyl sheet holographic side UP onto the Standard Grip Mat. Use the fine point blade that comes with your Cricut Maker, and load the mat into the machine.

For this design, I used the Shine Bright command in Design Space, but you can use any image or design. If you are using Design Space, select your image, then click on unconventional materials. Change the setting to Holographic Vinyl and continue.

Select your material color and cutting speed/pressure settings according to the Cricut Material Setting chart for Holographic Vinyl. I used a Speed 2 and Pressure 4 because that’s what was recommended for this vinyl. Then click Make It in the top right corner to send your design to be cut!

Tips and Tricks

A few tips and tricks to help you get the perfect cut every time when cutting holographic vinyl on your Cricut Maker!

1. Make sure your vinyl is properly attached to the cutting mat. If it’s not, the vinyl can shift during cutting and ruin your design.

2. Use a sharp blade for best results. A dull blade will struggle to cut through the vinyl and will produce less than perfect results.

3. Take your time! Don’t try to rush through the cutting process, or you may end up with messy cuts or even ripped vinyl.


Now that you know how to cut holographic vinyl on the Cricut Maker, you can create stunning crafts and decor items for your home. This special vinyl allows you to add a unique touch to any project, and the Cricut Maker makes it easy to get professional-looking results. So gather your supplies, fire up your Cricut, and get started on your next holographic vinyl project!

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