How to Cut Printable Vinyl with a Cricut

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How to Cut Printable Vinyl with a Cricut – Learn the best tips and tricks for cutting printable vinyl with a Cricut machine. Get the perfect cuts every time!

How to Cut Printable Vinyl with a CricutCheckout this video:

Materials Needed

-Printable vinyl
-Cricut cutting machine
-Weeding tool
-Transfer tape

Printable vinyl

Printable vinyl is a material that can be printed on with a desktop printer and then cut out with a cutting machine, like a Cricut or Silhouette.Printable vinyl is available in full sheet sizes or individual sheets and comes in glossy or matte finishes. It can be used to make decals, stickers, labels, and other adhesive projects.

To cut printable vinyl with a Cricut, you will need the following supplies:
-Printable vinyl
-Cricut cutting machine
-Cricut cutting mat
-Paper trimmer or scissors
-Weeding tools
-Transfer tape (optional)

Here are the steps to follow:
1. Cut your design out of the printable vinyl using your Cricut machine. Make sure to mirror your design before cutting!
2. Weed away the excess vinyl from your design using a weeding tool.
3. Use transfer tape to apply your design to your desired surface. (This step is optional.)
4. Enjoy your new vinyl project!

Transfer Tape

To use transfer tape, start by cutting your vinyl into smaller pieces that will fit onto your project space. Next, weed away the excess vinyl material, leaving only the design. Once you have weeded the design, place the transfer tape on top of the vinyl and use a scraper tool to rub the tape and vinyl together. This will help ensure that the vinyl sticks to the transfer tape.

Now that the vinyl is on the transfer tape, you can peel away the backing paper and place the design on your project surface. Use a scraper tool to rub over the design again and make sure that it is well adhered. Then slowly peel away the transfer tape, being careful not to pull up any of the vinyl.

Cricut machine

If you have a Cricut cutting machine, you can use it to cut vinyl to create your own custom decals, t-shirt designs, or wall art. Printable vinyl is easy to use with a Cricut machine, and we’ll show you how to do it in this post!

First, you’ll need to gather your supplies. You will need:
-Cricut machine
-Cutting mat
-Printable vinyl (we used this kind)
-Weeding tool
-Transfer tape

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