How to Cut Vinyl Flooring Around a Toilet

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Wondering how to cut vinyl flooring around a toilet? Here are easy step-by-step instructions (with pictures!) for the perfect cut.

How to Cut Vinyl Flooring Around a ToiletCheckout this video:

Measuring and Marking the Area

The first step is to measure the area around the toilet. You’ll need to measure the length and width of the area, then mark the area with a pencil so you know where to cut. You’ll also want to mark the area where the vinyl meets the toilet flange. This will be your starting point.

Measuring the area

Start by measuring the width of the room at its widest point. Measure the length of the room at its longest point. Using these measurements, calculate the square footage of the room by multiplying the width times the length.

Once you have your square footage measurement, add 5 percent to that number to account for waste. For example, if your room is 100 square feet, your calculation would be:
100 x 1.05 = 105 square feet

This number will be your total amount of vinyl plank flooring needed to complete the project.

Marking the area

This is a task that is best completed with a helper. One person can hold the other end of the measuring tape while the other person marks the floor with a pencil. It is important to have someone to help because it can be difficult to hold the measuring tape in place and make accurate markings by yourself.

Once you have marked the area, use a straight edge to connect the marks and create a straight line. This will be your cutting line.

Cutting the Vinyl Flooring

The task of cutting vinyl flooring around a toilet may seem daunting, but it is actually quite simple. You just need to follow a few basic steps and have the right tools. With a little bit of patience, you can easily cut the vinyl flooring around a toilet.

Cutting along the edge of the toilet

1. First, you need to take out the toilet. To do this, you need to turn off the water supply lines to the toilet. Then, flush the toilet to drain out any remaining water in the bowl. After that, remove the bolts that are holding the toilet to the floor. Be sure to have a bucket handy to catch any water that may drip out when you remove the bolts.
2. Measure and mark the vinyl flooring where you need to cut it. Use a straight edge to make sure your line is straight.
3. Cut along the line that you marked using a utility knife or a vinyl cutter. If you are using a utility knife, be sure to use a new blade so that you get a clean cut.
4. Install the new piece of vinyl flooring by follows these instructions:
5. Apply adhesive to the subfloor around the perimeter of where the new piece will be installed leaving about a 3” border.
6. Place the new piece of vinyl flooring into place and press down around all edges to secure it in place.
7 Cut off any excess vinyl flooring around the perimeter of where it meets up with existing vinyl or other types of flooring using a utility knife or vinyl cutter

Cutting around the flange

If you’re installing a vinyl floor, you’ll need to cut around any flange or other obstacle. Here’s how to do it:

1. Shut off the water to the toilet and remove the tank.

2. Place a piece of vinyl flooring under the flange. Trace around the flange with a pencil.

3. Cut out the traced circle with a utility knife or a rotary tool fitted with a cutoff wheel.

4. Install the vinyl flooring, making sure that it fits snugly around the flange.

Finishing Up

The last few cuts may be the most challenging, but with a few helpful tips, you can finish the job like a pro. When it comes to cutting vinyl flooring around a toilet, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. In this article, we’ll show you how to make the perfect cuts so your vinyl flooring looks great and fits perfectly around your toilet.

Applying adhesive to the vinyl

Cut a strip of construction adhesive that’s as long as the distance from the wall to the center of the flange, using a utility knife. Peel back half the adhesive backing and press the strip onto the floor next to the wall, aligning it with the edge of the vinyl. Repeat on the other side of the flange.

Laying down the vinyl flooring

After you have prepped the subfloor and measured and cut the vinyl tile to size, it’s time to lay down the vinyl flooring. Start in a corner of the room and work your way across, laying each tile one by one. Once you have laid all of the tiles in the first row, move on to the second row, making sure to stagger the tiles so that they are not lined up directly with those in the first row.

To cut vinyl flooring around a toilet, use a utility knife to score the tile where it needs to be cut. Make several passes with the knife until you have cut through the entire thickness of the tile. Then, snap the tile along the score line to break it cleanly. You can also use a jigsaw with a fine-tooth blade to make curved cuts in vinyl flooring.

Applying pressure to the vinyl flooring

As you get closer to the toilet, you may need to apply more pressure to the vinyl flooring to get it to lay flat. Use a putty knife or another similar tool to press the vinyl flooring down around the toilet. Be careful not to damage the flooring as you do this. You may need to use a hammer or mallet to lightly tap the putty knife or other tool to get it under the vinyl flooring.

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