How to Slice on Cricut Design Space

 March 2, 2021

By  Jane Melcher

How to Slice on Cricut Design Space

If you are a beginner in this world of Cricut, you might be wondering what to do with the slice option in the Cricut Design space menu. This is an option that allows one to split and crop two overlapping layers or images so as to come up with a new craft.

Using the slice tool in Cricut Design Space is one of the most challenging tools to use in the program. This is not because using slice is difficult but because there are a few new things that can frustrate someone who is just getting started.

The Slice feature will split two overlapping images or layers into different parts and create cut paths for two images. This results in three or more new shapes, with each shape showing in the layers menu as an individual layer.

To get started with this slicing function, there are a few tricks you need to know. This simple and straightforward tutorial will help you understand how you can use the slice tool in Cricut Design Space.

How to Use Slice Tool on Cricut

When slicing, the materials will be dependent on the projects you want to make, and for the tools, you'll need the Cricut Design Space and a Cricut cutting machine.

There are different ways to use slice in Cricut Design Space;

  • Cutting out an unwanted shape or details from an image
  • Inserting text to an image
  • Creating new designs from the basic ones on the toolbar

Cutting out an unwanted shape or details from an image

1. Open a new project.

2. Add an image.

3. Look for any details you want to be cropped out or removed.

4. Overlap the two shapes. To do this, insert a shape and size it to cover the part where you want to remove.

5. First, select the shape you added, then select the background image while holding the control key on your keyboard.

Then, Click on the slice button, which is on the bottom right corner, and you will see the image shows through.

6. The design space will start to process, and you will now have the ability to separate the layers. 

Once you are done with the steps above, you can now easily delete the things you don't want in the image

Separate Layers

Inserting text to an image

Now that you have known how to remove things from your images, it's time to create the final project. Here are the steps you should follow;

1. Insert a text of your choice.

2. If you had ungrouped the letters, attach them together to create a cursive text.

3. Insert an image and place the text where you want to cut it out of the larger image.

4. Weld the text such that it becomes one smooth vector.

Properly fit it in the shape and place it exactly where it should cut out the word.

5. First, select the text, then select the image while holding the control key and click slice.

6. Once the slicing process is completed, you can now separate the layers of your text.

7. Delete any unwanted pieces.

Then, the final project is ready for a cut in the Cricut machine.

Creating new designs from the basic ones on the toolbar

The slice function is a simple way to create new designs or shapes with the Cricut Design space program. Here are the steps;

1. Using the Shapes toolbar on your left, insert a shape(For this illustration, we'll use a diamond shape).

2. Select the shape and click on the duplicate button at the top right to have two similar shapes.

3. Align the circles nicely in your preferred way to make one big design.

4. Select both shapes and click slice.

5. Separate the layers, and you will new designs or shapes.

The slicing process is that simple. You can finish by deleting the shapes you'll not be using.

How to Slice Multiple images on Cricut Design Space

If you have multiple layers, images, or shapes, and you want to crop or cut them from another shape, you will not be able to do this by just selecting and slicing. The Cricut Design Space program will only allow you to slice two layers at the same time.

The following are some simple steps you should follow in order to slice out multiple images;

  1. Select all the layers or images you want to cut out.
  2. Weld them using the weld tool found on the layers panel, at the bottom right next to the slice tool. It is important to note that it won't be possible to separate the circles after welding, so if you will need them later, you should ensure you have a copy.
  3. Once the welding process is complete, it will form one image or one layer.
  4. Overlap the images and click on slice.
  5. When the slicing process is complete, you will see purple circles, yellow circles, and multiple cutouts.

Why Can I not Slice in Cricut Design Space?

Once you overlap the images and select them, you may sometimes find that the slice feature is unavailable. This may be because you have selected more than two images or layers. The slice tool will only work with two selected layers, even though the other images are not overlapped.

To avoid this error, ensure you're working with only two layers, but if you've got multiple layers, you can follow the steps above to slice your designs.


In summary, here are the things you need to know about the Slice tool;

  • Using slice in Cricut Design Space can help you cut out a shape you want from an image or another shape, cut out overlapping shapes from each other, or cut out a text from an image or shape.
  • You can only slice a maximum of two layers at one time.
  • To activate the slice feature in multilayered images, you can either hide or ungroup them.
  • When you use the Slice tool with hidden layers, those hidden layers won't be shown on the design screen as well as the Layers panel. If you're hoping to use them later, ungroup before using the Slice tool.

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